Establishing a privileged relationship with your members, donors, members, volunteers… is a real challenge for associations. Whether you are an alumni association, a professional association, a charity association… you need to know your supporters and interact with them to offer them the best services and build their loyalty to the different actions you might undertake… The development of your association lies in the richness of your contact base, that’s why an intelligent management and exploitation of your database can help you reach your objectives.

But how to do it? This is where a CRM solution comes in.

What is a CRM?

A CRM, or “Customer Relationship Management” is a tool that allows an organization to manage, monitor and optimize its customer relationships. It will be used to collect, store, analyze and above all centralize customer data in order to better understand their needs and preferences and thus better target marketing/communication efforts.

In the case of an association, the CRM allows you to manage relationships not with your customers, but with the many actors who make up the association: members, volunteers, donors…

What are the advantages of using a CRM for an association?

Although you don’t manage a customer base, you have similar goals as businesses: to improve your relationship with your supporters, to know their needs, to retain them, to recruit new members/donors and to offer them the best service. Find out how CRM can help you achieve your goals.

A complete centralization of data

Some associations still use numerous Excel files to manage their database. In addition to the complexity of this process (handling of files, reprocessing of data, lack of homogeneity, errors and loss of information…), this involves a risk for data security and compliance with the RGPD. The implementation of a CRM allows you to store your data on a secure platform, all data are centralized in the same place.

Moreover, this centralization guarantees you a reliability and a quality of data that you could not have obtained without effort on Excel. The CRM will allow you to :

  • detect and correct duplicates
  • import data
  • manage inconsistencies in your database
  • make corrections and qualify information (on emails, phones, cities, countries…)
  • massively update data
  • segment your data according to the profile of your contacts
  • exploit the data with a multi-criteria search

and above all, automatically enrich your database: as soon as a person fills in a form and gives his or her consent to the processing of his or her data, this information is directly integrated into your CRM.

This eliminates time-consuming tasks, increases productivity and gives you qualified and centralized data.

A multi-channel communication adapted to your contacts

The use of a CRM allows you to know more about your contacts, their habits and their interests. The main interest is to be able to segment your contacts to send them the right message at the right time.

Moreover, the fact of having qualified data and having directly the tools to design your communications in the CRM allows you to personalize your messages and thus improve the impact of your communications.

Several communication channels are available to you depending on the preferences of your contacts and the strategy you have adopted: email, SMS, mail… you also have the possibility to couple these channels with marketing automation: you build scenarios or you program the sendings according to predefined criteria.

As a bonus, you can measure the impact of your communication campaigns thanks to the different indicators available in your CRM (opening rate, click rate, clicks on links, return mail…).

The CRM offers you the tools to improve the relationship and the connection you have with your contacts.

And if you want to go even further, you can use the Netanswer solution connected to your CRM to create a community platform to animate and dynamize the exchanges between and with your contacts.

A 360° view on your contacts and actions

The use of a CRM not only allows you to centralize data on your contact base, but it also contributes to having a 360° vision of their activities and their commitment to your actions: history of event registrations, online payment, history of donations and contributions, monitoring of interactions and solicitations, RFM score… You will be able to identify and manage your members/donors (or future members) and monitor the performance of your initiatives.

This integral vision also promotes collaboration between your various administrators: all the information useful to your activity is gathered in the CRM and adapted to their profile and their missions in the association. You can easily facilitate the sharing of information thanks to collaborative tools (creation of interactions assigned to an administrator, shared database, annotations on your contacts’ files, collaborative agenda…).

You can thus establish a sharing and cooperation approach to optimize the knowledge and relationship of your contacts, achieve your objectives and develop your association.

A management of your activity

You are committed to developing your association and achieving the various objectives you have set. To do so, you undertake a multitude of actions to retain your members/donors, attract new ones, follow the evolution of donations and contributions…

The CRM will allow you to measure the effectiveness of your strategy and the different actions you have implemented. Directly linked to your database, you can design dashboards and define key indicators to follow according to the needs of your activity:

  • amount of donations collected
  • evolution of contributions
  • renewal rate
  • number of donors
  • donor loyalty
  • number of new members
  • use of services

Thanks to these reports, you have a consolidated and updated vision of your indicators and you can evaluate the effectiveness of your actions. You have the necessary data to analyze your successes and mistakes in order to make the best decisions for the development of your association.

Netanswer and Eudonet CRM have joined forces

Eudonet and Netanswer have joined forces to meet the needs of managing and animating your contacts and steering your activity. If this partnership works today, it’s also because we have a lot in common: French companies, the same DNA, the same way of working, excellent knowledge of the non-profit world. And above all, the desire to help associations to be more efficient, more collaborative and more effective.

Our goal is to offer you a unique and packaged solution so that you can benefit from a state-of-the-art CRM for managing your contacts and steering your activity thanks to Eudonet CRM coupled with a dedicated platform and a mobile application with all the tools to animate and federate a community (events, groups, private space, directory…) thanks to Netanswer.

You benefit from the expertise of two companies, both leaders in their field, who will help you develop and achieve your association’s goals.

Let’s connect ! Develop a unique connection with your contacts thanks to the expertise of Netanswer and Eudonet CRM.

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