Harness the power of your former employees!

Maintain a close relationship with your former employees and benefit from the strength of that network. Offer members a dedicated space, share your news, create events, and capture new opportunities for the growth and reputation of your company.

Anciens d’entreprise
Anciens Arthur Andersen
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Strengthen your brand image

Showcase your work! Your former employees are your best ambassadors. No advertising can compete with the objectivity and credibility of your former staff. The sharing of experiences will allow you to enhance the image of your company. Take care of your relationships with your former teams and you will benefit from the strength of that network to support your initiatives, your products, and your values.

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Maintain the feeling of belonging

Maintain a relationship of trust with your former employees! They played an active role in the evolution of your company – they’ve created projects, shared ideas, and defended your values. Provide them with the means to stay in contact with you. Find all of your former staff, share the news of your company with them, and create exclusive events to preserve this unique link with your employees.

opportunités professionnelles

Increase professional opportunities

Follow the career evolution of your former employees and maintain a relationship of trust with your network to seize new professional opportunities. Your former employees are influencers who should not be overlooked. They can bring you business by recommending your company and can also call upon your services themselves. Bank on your future clients!


Accelerate your hiring

Welcome Back ! Your former employees can also be your future employees, or your best allies for the next round of hiring. Share your company’s news and post your job opportunities to your network of corporate alumni. Benefit from personal recommendations by former staff or recruit people already qualified who know the language and values of your company.

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