Transform the engagement of your community!

Stay in touch with your community!
Stimulate the engagement of your network with communication tools dedicated to community management.

Let your members drive your network!

Provide your members with a dedicated space where they can easily interact with other members.

Engagement de la communauté
Email campaigns

Email campaigns

Stay in contact

Create customised email campaigns with templates adapted to your different types of communications. Target your emails by creating mailing lists and adding dynamic data, and then follow the performances of your campaigns. Optimise your database by correcting returned emails.

Statistiques des mails

Email statistics

retours de mails
Managing returned emails
Données dynamiques
Dynamic data
Newsletter in 3 clicks


Group your members according to their interests

Create groups by theme, geographic zone, professional activity, graduating class, etc., and define their visibility (public or private). Delegate management of the different groups by designating administrators who will be able to lead and manage the groups independently. Each group will have its own page with a configurable menu. Create exclusive content – news, events, documents, etc – for network members and bring the network to life!

Site unique
A unique site for your group
Plusieurs groupes
Several types of groups
Several administrators per group
gestion droits
Management of administrator’s rights


Ask your community members for their opinions

Create surveys – from the very simple to the most complex – using our professional tool. Choose any type of question, create the topics,  and select the filters for your questionnaires and satisfaction surveys. Send your job placement questionnaires with confidence; the responses are automatically filled with information from the database that was updated with the information your members provided. Send automatic reminders, follow the progress of responses in real time, and export the results of your surveys.

Relance automatique

Automatic reminders

Plusieurs questions
Several types of questions
Suivi des réponses
Follow the responses in real time
Export the results
Member ambassador

Manage your network by relying on your community

Invite members to become a community ambassador. Contact is made easy so ambassadors can assist your alumni, encourage them to participate in events, and convey the value of your network.


Respect for confidentiality


Limitation of contacts

Contact sécurisé

Secure contact

Paramétrage questions
Setting up the questions
Online Voting
Online voting

Let your members express themselves in only one click

A new board to elect ? A local group leader to appoint ? Invite your members to vote directly from their personal space and tally the votes securely. Create your list of candidates, the group of voters, and the voting period in just a few clicks!

Paramétrage des candidats
Create a list of candidates and group of voters
Vote ergonomique
Accessible and ergonomic voting
Anonymat des votants
Anonymous and secure
Alerte sur l'espace privé
Alert in your private space and notifications
Professional matching

Foster networking!

Give your members the ability to make the most of their network in a single swipe! Facilitate the sharing of opportunities with our powerful matching motor. Connect your members by shared interestsgeolocation, and opportunities searched– and let them network!

Matching professionnel
Professional matching
Partage d'opportunités
Sharing professional opportunities
Mise en relation facilitée
Connecting made easier
Suggestions de contact
5 contact suggestions per day
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Schedule an appointment!
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