Organising your events has never been so simple!

Stay connected with your community! Organise events of all sizes – online or in person – by using our tools which are all located in one place. 

Save time and increase your productivity – from the creation of the event through to its completion – and then receive a detailed report of your event.

Configuration de l’événement
Set up the event

Are you ready? Create the event!

Set up your event. Choose the maximum number of participants, add workshops, speakers, sponsors, and determine the various options available when registering. Then set the fees according to the registrant’s profile, discount codes, and different methods of payment. 

Tarifs personnalisés
Customised rates
Plusieurs modes de paiement
Several methods of payment
Event communication

The secret of a successful event? Communication!

In just one click, create an optimised event page to maximise the number of registrations. Share information about the event on your social networks, send personalised invitations, and schedule reminder emails and notifications. 

Mailing personnalisé
Personalised emails
Automatic reminders


Partage sur les réseaux sociaux
Share on social networks
Création du site de l’événement
Create an event website
Event Communication
The event

The Big Day … You’re all set!

Edit and customise all documents necessary for the event. From the moment of registration, the event is added to the participant’s calendar and a personal badge is automatically sent. You only need to scan the badge the day of the event to keep track of registrations. Your database is updated with the participants’ information.

Scan des badges
Scanning of badges
Intégration de l’événement dans l’agenda
Integration of the event on the calendar
Edition des documents
Editing of documents
Enrichissement de la base de données
Updating of the database

The event is over. It’s time to take stock!

Get the essential information of your event from your dashboard: the number of attendees at the event, their profile, and the revenues generated. Then, send your satisfaction survey to all attendees and make the replay of the event available on your webpage. In just one click, you can send reimbursements to those who were unable to attend.

Event replay
Questionnaire de satisfaction
Satisfaction survey
Tableau de bord
Need a demo?
Schedule an appointment!