Organise the collection of your dues and donations easily

Manage your membership dues and reminders from the same location.

Simplify the payment of membership dues and appeal to your members for donations. 

Monitor the dashboard, understand your members’ good practices, and effortlessly increase collections. 

Dons et cotisations
Gérez vos campagnes de cotisation
Membership dues

Manage your membership campaigns

Easily set your membership fees, include rates for couples, youth, unemployed, retired, etc., chose a calendar date for payment of membership dues – rolling, annual, or lifetime, add options for inclusion with the membership (job offers, directory, journal, etc.), and send reminders your members. 

Use our “ 1-click membership” feature in which you can add a button to your emails that links directly to your payment module. You can also create customised thank you and reminder emails.

Tarifs cotisation
Membership rates
Cotisation en 1 clic
1-click membership
mail de relance
Reminder emails
Mails de remerciement
Thank you emails
Methods of payment

Include as many payment methods as you’d like!

Are you hesitant between using your bank, Stripe, PayPal, Lydia, PayPlug for your online payments? Contact our experts to get advice as to which method(s) would be the most suitable, taking into account your volumes and populations. As our software interfaces with these solutions, we can easily guide you to the right one!

You can also receive payments by cheque (remittance, reconciliation), direct debit (dematerialised or not with our partners Slimpay and Stripe), and cash, so you’re spoiled for choice!

What’s more, you will no longer have to make adjustments to generate accounting statements with our back reconciliation and accounting extraction solution (Excel and Sage)!

paiement en ligne
Online payments
Direct debit
Lien avec compta
Link with accounting
moyens de paiement
reçus fiscaux-2

Generate your payment receipts and get your payment and tax receipts in one click!

Take advantage of our solution and save time! Both payment and tax receipts (Cerfa standard n° 11580*04) are generated in one click and can be sent electronically or by post! Receipts are also available in the member’s private space, which saves you even more time!

Our solution also creates proforma invoices from members who ask for one and lets you edit the name of a company on invoices on demand.

reçu paiement
Payment receipts


reçus fiscaux
Tax receipts
factures proforma
Proforma invoices

Discover the module that lets you easily invoice any product or service that you offer.

You can effortlessly manage your products, billing dates, and renewals for recurring payments). Your invoices are then produced and sent out. The solution also processes incoming payments and reminders! And the accounting exports (Excel and Sage) make it a children’s game!

Incoming payments
Extraction comptable
Accounting exports

Launch your fundraising campaigns in only 3 clicks!

In just a few clicks you can create projects and campaigns, and let your members, or even members of the general public, make donations through a customised landing page. 

You can also score your Donors (loyalty, amounts, repeat) to better analyse your audience and define a targeted population for future appeals!

reçus cerfa
CERFA receipts

Taxation IR/IFI/IS


Easily access all statistics and the dashboard of your paying members and donors.

Segmentation analysis (by graduating year, sector, age, etc.) is a basic feature in our solution, but you can also expand the types of analyses you can do!

Charts by population, method of payments used, and payment history help you better understand your members. You can also compare your benchmarks against our other clients!

Loyalty and churn rate numbers are also readily available in our solution and all data is easily exportable!

Tableaux de bords
Churn rate
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