Patrick BOUILLET, General Manager of ESSCA Alumni.

ESSCA Alumni has been using NetAnswer since last December to boost its alumni network. Patrick Bouillet, its general manager, testifies about the benefits of our solution and the support of our team.

Why did you choose NetAnswer?

With a solution that did not suit us at all, we were looking for a new reliable provider with a proven solution that would allow us to support our multi-site development. What appealed to us about the solution was that it was based on a real database management. As our teams are small, the automation and chaining of event processing and media coverage were all particularly important.
De même, nous voulions disposer de solution de communication et de partage d’informations sur les RS efficaces et également d’une plateforme d’emailing simple d’utilisation mais permettant une restitution multidevice impeccable.

Similarly, we wanted to have an efficient communication and information sharing solution on SR and also an emailing platform that was easy to use but allowed for impeccable multidevice restitution.


What are the key assets of Netanswer and its solution?

Netanswer’s first asset is its relationship and its ability to listen, but in an “engineer” dimension, we get straight to the point. The Netanswer solution is a solution made by a team that knows perfectly well the needs of alumni networks. Based on an already substantial history, we have benefited from years of previous developments. We were able to quickly take control of this “all-inclusive” tool that will manage both the “showcase” of the association (the website) but also all the events with the ticketing module and all means of communication and administration of campaigns.

The difference with other platforms is that this one is based on the excellence of the data and its management tools, which is the basis of the “engineer” view of the Netanswer solution, from my point of view. The corollary is that the back office interface is itself very “engineer”, but on a daily basis, it does the job and it does it well and that’s the main thing.


How did the project go? Were the deadlines met?

The processes were put in place as soon as we received the specifications. We had to deal with a difficult data recovery, but this changeover was an opportunity to clean up and make certain data more reliable (postal and e-mail addresses, for example). We were followed by a dedicated project manager who helped us a lot, as we are not specialists.

The deadlines were met despite an end-of-year context that was not very conducive to this type of project.


Was the team available throughout the project?

We were pleasantly surprised by the availability and responsiveness of the teams in front of us. Whether it was for maintenance operations or minor bugs that are inevitable in any IT migration, the solutions were all provided in record time. The development of an ad hoc project not included in the original Netanswer solution also demonstrated the technical know-how of the teams.


What is the feedback from users?

On the alumni side, very positive. The synchronization function of the alumni’s personal space with their LinkedIn account will allow us to follow much more easily the career development of our members. On the permanent side, the feedback is enthusiastic both for the ease of use and the quality of the rendering whatever the media used.


Does Netanswer allow you to be more productive?

I would evaluate the productivity gain at 60% on average and 300% on certain items such as the automatic creation of Newsletters.


Would you recommend NetAnswer?

100%, having already tested other solutions proposed on the market, it is the platform that I consider as the most complete, the most homogeneous and the most efficient on a daily basis… PS: I am not an employee or shareholder of Netanswer.