Jean-Marie LUCAS, General Delegate of the SMLH.

Can you introduce me to the Society of Members of the Legion of Honour?

The Society of Members of the Legion of Honour is an association recognised as being of public utility which has existed for over 100 years. Members of the SMLH are men and women who have been decorated with the Legion of Honour but we also offer the status of “Friend of the SMLH” based on the help and services provided to the association.

We have about 45,000 members out of 90,000 decorated in France and abroad. Today one out of two decorated is a member of the SMLH.

The three main missions of our association are to:

  • contribute to the prestige of the National Order of the Legion of Honour and contribute to the influence of the values and culture of France;
  • promote, in French society, the values embodied by the Legion of Honour and contribute to the development of the civic and patriotic spirit, in particular through educational actions among youth;
  • For 15 years we have decided to support youth through four major pillars which are:

    • supporting the valorisation of apprenticeship and vocational training
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    • the accompaniment of deserving young people
    • intervention in schools and training establishments on the themes of citizenship education, promotion of republican values and transmission of memory;
    • the accompaniment of candidates for naturalisation.

    What has NetAnswer brought to you since its implementation in the development of your association?

    We have been working with Netanswer for a year and a half and the implementation of your solution has been a real revolution which has also been accelerated by Covid-19!

    We went from a system that was quite passive at the time to a much more active system through a modern and efficient tool. Four years ago, we were still using excel spreadsheets, lots of paper printouts and paper envelopes. The tool has allowed us to have a total digitisation of our processes and to reduce our costs. We have halved our mailing budget: we no longer need to send tax receipts by post as they are directly available in our members’ private space.

    We have 128 departmental sections in the SMLH, which are themselves divided into local committees with committee offices that are elected by the committee assembly. This represents about 800 subdivisions, all connected and rooted in the national territory. The territorial network is colossal and it was important to have a powerful tool capable of managing almost 60,000 personal data.

    The section offices can now take ownership of their data management with functionalities adapted to their problems. What are the main benefits that our solution offers you for the management of your association?

    There are five of them:

    1. Data analysis and targeting
    2. .

    3. Data security and reliability
    4. Mutualisation of information
    5. Decentralisation of data between each departmental section
    6. Save time after the solution is appropriated by the administrators

    What do you think are the biggest advantages of our solution?

    The solution offered by Netanswer is very complete, it’s a great tool for the daily management of our association. What really differentiates Netanswer from other solutions that could be globally competitive, is your after-sales service: it is exceptional, sincere and authentic! The teams are available H24 and understand the DNA of their client and that is the most important! The relationship and after-sales service are, for us, decisive in the choice of a solution.

    Are you planning to carry out other projects with Netanswer?

    We have been working for a few months on the creation of the websites of the 128 departmental sections which will be satellites of the national site. Each section will thus be able to feed its site with its own URL. Through the national site SMLH.fr, any Internet user will be able to go to the site of each of the sections in one click. The aim is to create a link between all these sections.

    We also bought a solution which is an interactive map of France of the Centenary where all the sections will be able to post events, videos, photos, podcasts with a real time visualisation…