Provide members access to their profile pages via an effective search engine and intelligent selection of filters to access profile folders. Reserved for a defined population, this feature can help members find an old friend, a future colleague, an old girlfriend, or a future recruiter or client! A map also helps identify members located close by so they can take advantage of the power of your network.


Suscriber fees / Donations

Payment of subscriber fees, donations, and services can be made either via the website, the mobile app, can be made in multiple ways (web, checks, SEPA direct debits, etc.).  Accounting tracking lets you keep track of receipts! Our system interfaces with your bank’s payment software or PayPal so you won’t have to change your way of working.


Netanswer has designed a powerful computer management system to give you control, and which allows you to easily publish all your content without asking any questions.


Create both public and restricted-member groups based on topic, geographical area, professional sector, or graduating class. Our recommendation engine allows you to make sure all members are in the correct group.


Periodically send news to your community via our all-in-one newsletter management tool, which will collect your news, events, columns, or articles. You can create your newsletter in three clicks and send it to your desired audience.


Private space

Your association members, who are at the heart of the management of the association, have a private area which is also the generator of your database. It has been purposely designed to be user-friendly and easy to use so your members will want to provide their information! They are given fully secure access, and social networks make it easy to connect and import data. Members manage their personal and professional information, their privacy, their subscriptions, and their settings. A system of scoring, rewards, and suggestions encourages connecting, updating, and sharing.



A complete event management workflow, our agenda has been developed to save you time. Creation of appointments, complete management of ticketing with target-based options taking into account guests, secure payment, and editing confirmations and receipts will simplify the management of your events. Features can automatically create badges, lists (in either Excel or PDF), file tabs, signage, organisational charts, attendance sheets, and/or training certificates. Don’t like the format? No problem. You can edit it yourself to fit your needs. With our EventSite app, the organiser can scan jump-the-queue badges at the entrance to an event and send out satisfaction questionnaires.

Plan assemblies, committee meetings, or end-of-year galas. Send announcements and automatically send reminders by email or notifications to maximise your chances of filling the rooms of your events.

Sponsorship / Mentoring

Connect sponsors and referrals with our automatic matching engine, track their interactions and exchanges, and multiply your sponsorship campaigns!


Manage donations for foundations or organisations associated with your association.

Online Shop

Sell your products online, manage inventories, track payments and orders, and save time with our complete logistics management system.


Go Mobile

News, calendar, directory, what’s nearby, personal space, employment offers, groups – everything is now in hand of your members via an app installed on their mobile device, whether an iPhone, iPad, Android, or Windows Phone. You choose the colours, logo, and webspace design for a single application where members can update their information and make online payments. Notifications, mobile banners, and marketing messages are all methods used for cross-channel communication assuring your community is successful.


Jobs / Career

The career module is a place where your members can connect with potential recruiters. Job seekers can search by keyword, position, company, type of contract, city, country, etc.  With one click they provide the necessary information to CVthèque by uploading their CV, or can create job alerts they will receive by email or on their phone. Recruiters can also create an account where they can search the profiles of members via the online directory, submit offers, and access the CVthèque, while respecting the confidentiality of your members. Do you want more than that? You also have free access to our employment partners such as Multiposting, Monster, iQuesta, Cadremploi, Keljob, PlaceOJeunes, and can filter available offers to increase the added-value of your network.


Scan or create an online journal via a dedicated interface by creating files, articles, and content which members can flick through or comment on.

Online voting

Let your members vote from their personal space at your general or board meetings, and give them power to vote on resolutions. You can then safely count the votes, analyse the voting statistics, and export the results in order to announce them.


Expand interaction between your members by allowing them to publish adverts for renting, selling products, or exchanging services, and giving them the opportunity to get in contact with each other.



You’ll have the flexibly to use tailored templates to create email campaigns that target only the appropriate audience through our multi-query search engine. Personalise each email by integrating dynamic data such as surname, first name, a direct link to the member’s personal space with auto login, or to a payment form to make a one-click payment! The system’s reliability allows mass-mailings with real-time tracking from your website. It doesn’t stop there. The module also has an integrated dashboard analysis for campaigns.  You can check to see if the recipients have opened their mail, and if they clicked on any links and which ones. Return emails (bouncebacks) and their indicators help you optimise and control your database so you can make necessary corrections, thereby improving its quality and efficiency.



We are going to make you love statistics!

Netanswer’s history began with statistics, so of course we have a module specifically dedicated to them. Better understand your audience through our comprehensive reporting tool – a global tracking system which lets you to know where your visitors come from, what they do on your site, how much time they stay, etc.

But more than that, our dashboards help you strategize by telling you which class year logs on the least, what calls have worked, what type of job offer viewed, which news is the most read, which group is the most active, or what is the degree of qualification of your base … You will know everything about your members.

We mean it when we tell you that you will love our statistics!

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